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A Journey to our NFT Platform - BOAX

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

BOAX is excited to announce the official launch of its new website “BOAX NFT Marketplace” at !

BOAX NFT Marketplace is a premium marketplace for the auction and sale of Non-fungible Tokens. Collaborating with artists, celebrities, royal families, talents, virtual influencers, and Fengshui masters, BOAX exclusively represents their NFT artworks and provides unique digital assets and user experience. BOAX uses blockchain technologies to protect and promote Asian and Chinese cultural heritage.

We are an end-to-end platform handling all the technical tasks from creating, listing, and e-auction to transaction settlements on NFT so as to assure our artists can focus on their art creation. We identify high-growth digital and physical arts that fit NFT projects for ultra-high and high net-worth investors and collectors. We design our marketplace for easy interaction.

You can access our market information on our website by clicking “Market”.

Our market has included the listed NFT collections, divided into two categories: on auction or fixed price.

You may place a bid on our on-auction NFT collections, for example, the “Original IZBLU Bulls X Nine Palace 牛氣沖天 #001”, as well as buying our fixed price NFT collections.

You may also filter out your most suitable NFT collection with our filtering function which is stated on the left side.

Besides choosing your favorite NFT collections from our market site, you may also look up the artists we are collaborating with by clicking in “Artists”.

Introductions of the artists are included with their designs shown inside each of their profiles. We have collaborated with several artists like Dominic Lam, a well-established scientist and multidisciplinary master artist; Norman Lin, a private collector of authentic Chinese Old banknotes; and Andrew Tuason, a Hong Kong renowned musical director.

Aside from allowing transactions, you may also look up our IZBLU Labs on our website.

It is a creative hub of digital arts built on blockchain technology. The IZBLU Labs uses blockchain technology to protect and promote Chinese cultural heritage. We present exciting art projects in NFT form that either come directly from rare and authentic collections of physical art or are created exclusively in digital form. We aim to revitalize and modernize high-end masterpieces, and such that your collectibles will be exclusive, unique, and have a high return on investment. RMBits and Rare Chinese Banknotes Collectibles are examples of the IZBLU Labs.

We focus on providing the best user experience for all BOAX marketplace visitors, with an emphasis on the security of all transactions. We are the best platform for our artists to make a positive impact. We sincerely hope that you enjoy our new website and all that it has to offer! Visit us on .

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us through our website or social media, or email us at


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