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BOA Financial Group officially launches its BOA - Red Hare NFT Index

On August 15, BOA Financial Group officially launched its BOA Red Hare NFT Index (BOA-RHNI) on its group websites, including BOA Financial Group(亞銀金融集團), BOA International Financial Group(亞銀國際金融集團), and BOAX, to track the overall performance of general NFT markets and specific NFT indexes to track the price movements of individual NFT collections.

BOA Financial Group was formed with the primary objective of providing financial services in a cost-efficient, technology driven and user-friendly manner to customers around the world. BOA Financial Group is a part of the Bank of Asia (BVI) ecosystem, a fully licensed bank incorporated in the British Virgin Islands.

The NFT Index is a capitalization-weighted index that tracks the performance of decentralized financial assets across the market. BOA-RHNI tracks the performance of major NFT projects, fully captures the price trends and other financial moves in the NFT space, and it involves NFT data analysis.

Mr. Ian Wen, the Chairman of BOA financial group, further elaborated, “We are witnessing a rapid growth of the NFT market and the metaverse in the past two years. In the advent of Web3, the future of the World Wide Web is built on blockchain technology and NFTs. BOA-RHNI is a strategic start of our cooperation with Red Hare. In the future, BOA ecosystem including Bank of Asia (BVI) will develop more products and services for the digital asset industry, such as NFT funds, Blue Chip NFT community and more.”

BOA Financial Group has partnered with Red Hare Analytics since July 2022 to explore business opportunities in the NFT space. Red Hare Analytics is a leading Web3 NFT big data company and Asia’s first NFT index. Its services include NFT indexes, NFT-related analytics, NFT data APIs, NFT-related technical development, NFT incubation services and others. As part of its plan to expand across Asia and the rest of the world, BOAFG and Red Hare will work together to explore further business opportunities in NFT markets.

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