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BOAX Becomes the NFT Marketplace for KeenAble Creation, Supporting its Debut in Affordable Art Fair

This August, BOAX is honoured to become the designated NFT Marketplace for KeenAble Creation, supporting its debut in Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2022.

The Affordable Art Fair is an international, contemporary art fair held in different cities around the world including London, Bristol, Amsterdam, Brussels, Milan, Hamburg, Stockholm, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore. The 9th edition of Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2022 showcases 1000s of contemporary artworks from hand-picked local and international galleries.

KeenAble Creation(“顯能創作”) is a charitable organization established in 2009. It adopts "Disabled Artists. Promote. Incubate." as its slogan to explore, realize and maximize the potential of the disabled in Hong Kong and to promote, advance and enhance the abilities and employability of the disabled.

While KeenAble Creation becomes an exhibitor of Affordable Art Fair 2022, BOAX has digitalized the works and talent of acclaimed local artists, Ko Nam, Liu Tung Mui, Maxim Tang and Esther Chow. Some of their NFT artworks including “Afternoon Tea” “Mountain Life in the Fall” by Ko Nam, “Lift Up the Head and See the World” “Faces of Life” by Liu Tung Mui, “I See” by Maxim Tang, “Secret Garden” “Flower 17 (Peony on Chintz)” by Esther Chow, and many more. This is the first time in Hong Kong for an NFT marketplace to showcase the artworks of special needs artists in NFT form. Through NFT, KeenAble’s hard work in promoting art by special needs artists has been taken to a higher level by expanding the reach to a broad spectrum of art lovers.

BOAX is an award-winning metaverse company backed by a digital assets friendly bank and its ecosystem, providing end-to-end Metaverse and Art-Tech solutions to corporate clients and NFT collectors. BOAX Marketplace focuses on collaboration with Master Artists and influential celebrities with stories to transform their masterpieces into NFTs, and in the process breathing new life and perspective into the original pieces.

In June 2022, BOAX successfully built a fashion Metaverse for the Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association, supporting its Juxtaposed 2022 Fashion Meta Event sponsored by Create Hong Kong. In the second quarter 2022, BOAX teamed up with Yazhou Zhoukan, a Chinese-language international affairs newsweekly, introducing the new Great Powers NFT series and built the newsweekly’s very own first Metaverse. In March 2022, BOAX held a Metaverse event in its own VIP Meta-Art-Gallery on International Women's Day 2022, to express BOAX’s appreciation to women’s efforts in the NFT world.

The 12 NFTs of the Juxtaposed 2022 Fashion Meta Event

Mr. Ian Wen, the founder and CEO of BOAX, shared that “NFTs empower a hybrid landscape where the public can connect to cultural heritage through tokenisation. I believe cultural institutions can leverage blockchain and NFTs to reconnect to a new generation of audience who are less concerned about the distinction between virtual and real and I hope to promote our local Chinese culture to the world by leveraging on this NFT mega trend.”

BOAX is uniquely positioned as a strong player in the crypto space and serves to facilitate the most influential speakers in the crypto circle and beyond to unite and make positive social impact through the sharing of art in the digital form, connecting the younger, tech-savvy generation to the masterminds and their masterpieces. With the development of the company, BOAX will use more resources to help those in need, serve society, and give back to the pub.

Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2022

Afternoon Tea 歐式下午茶 (2013) by Ko Nam 高楠
Secret Garden 秘密的花園 (2012) by Esther Chow 周怡明

Flower 17 (Peony on Chintz) 花語17 - 印花棉布上的牡丹 (2011) by Esther Chow 周怡明
I see 看看 (2004) by Maxim Tang 鄧美心

Lift Up the Head And See the World 抬頭望人間 (2000) by Liu Tung Mui 廖東梅
Faces of Life 百態人生 (1999) by Liu Tung Mui 廖東梅

Mountain Life in the Fall 山居秋瞑 (2021) by Ko Nam 高楠

To find out more about this NFT collection, click the link :


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