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BOAX Proudly presents BSN Spartan Network use case at the BSN Spartan Global Summit 2022

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

BOAX proudly presented BSN Spartan Network use case at the BSN Spartan Global Summit 2022. Leading enterprises such as HSBC, Emperor Group, and Lan Kwai Fong Group are also the Use Case Partners and presented at the BSN Spartan Global Summit 2022.

BOAX co-founders Andy Yiu and Robin Chan with Tim Bailey(second to the left), VP of Global Sales for Red Date Technology, at BSN Spartan Global Summit 2022.

BSN Spartan Network is a public infrastructure network that will provide non-cryptocurrency blockchain services to any IT system globally. The BSN Spartan Network is a decentralized network governed by the BSN Foundation (, with each member operating a governance data center that hosts all the validator nodes of non-cryptocurrency public chains.

BOAX co-founders Andy Yiu and Robin Chan with Yifan He, CEO of Red Date Technology and the technical architect of the BSN, at BSN Spartan Global Summit 2022.

BOAX Limited is an Art-Tech-focused metaverse company providing end-to-end solutions to corporate clients and NFT collectors. BOAX is based in Hong Kong to tap into the vibrant international art market where East meets West. BOAX’s vision is to promote Chinese art and culture in the metaverse era. BOAX helps corporate and individual clients devise their metaverse strategies to facilitate on-chain and off-chain delivery. BOAX is now a member of the Hong Kong Cyberport Incubation Program with an expansion plan in Hong Kong and beyond to tap into Hong Kong and international talents in art, digital marketing, and blockchain technology.

Spartan Use Case - BOAX NFT Marketplace

BOAX used Spartan Network for an "Employ Recognition Program". BOAX has created staff recognition avatar NFTs for a bank’s annual award winners on the Spartan Network. It also built a virtual gallery to showcase all award winners and a virtual session to have a fireside talk with the Bank’s CEO.

With the digital sector's rapid development, virtual events have become more eco-friendly, cost-saving, and convenient than physical events. And the bank is choosing staff recognition avatar NFTs as mementos to benefit its employee retention and truly show appreciation to its best employees of the year. Since each NFT is a unique digital asset, it adds extra value and could be adapted widely.

BSN Launches Global Open-Source Spartan Network To Enable Public IT Systems.

To find out more about BOAX and its interesting projects and premium services, please visit its official website:

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