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BOAX Team Launches Community-Driven NFT Marketplace Neptunity Providing Multi-Chain Support

BO·AX, an award-winning metaverse company, has launched its new community-driven non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace: Neptunity with multi-chain support, which lists its first batch of Where's My Unicorn? NFT collection.

The new community marketplace Neptunity based in the British Virgin Islands expands its support to Polygon (MATIC/USD) and Ethereum (ETH/USD). It offers unique features built specifically for the BO·AX and Neptunity communities, including an upgraded user journey for both NFT artists and collectors, a pro-auction system, exclusive partnerships, and gated communities through NFT technology for members-only benefits. Neptunity offers a simple, user-friendly, and secure way for crypto users to access Web3.

The name Neptunity comes from Neptune, the eighth planet from the Sun. In astrology, mystical Neptune is the planet of inspiration and creativity. Neptunity is a playful spin on the words Neptune, community, and opportunity, resulting in the bold imagery of an energetic, charging Unicorn, symbolising collective affluence and success.

The logo of Neptunity, depicting a floral-lavender Unicorn leaping from the star, represents the platform unleashing its magical power in the web3 world to empower blockchain aesthetics and metaverse innovation. The Unicorn is the communal efforts made by all the stakeholders and supporters of the Neptunity metaverse for everybody, from everybody, and with everybody. Neptunity aims to be the open, transparent and connected community for everyone in the Web3 world.

The community-led marketplace will list its for-sale NFT collection for the first time. Where's My Unicorn? is a collection of 1,000 unique Unicorn NFTs created by Neptunity Labs, an innovative digital media production house within the BO·AX ecosystem.

Where's My Unicorn? grants access to members-only benefits, including access to the Neptunity community. Extra perks can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation, including Neptunity's partnership with Master Suyen Lim, a famous Feng Shui master based in Malaysia.

The limited editions of Where's My Unicorn? Collection features Five Elements Unicorns based on the fengshui philosophy of using five elements energies (metal, wood, water, fire, earth) to bring harmony and balance to life. With the right energy Unicorn by your side, you can always be sure to be extra lucky to succeed in whatever you choose to pursue.

About BO·AX

BO·AX is an award-winning metaverse company providing end-to-end solutions for corporate clients and NFT collectors. BO·AX has established the world's first bank-backed NFT Marketplace supported by an offshore digital friendly banking ecosystem, focusing on collaboration with Master Artists and influential celebrities with stories to transform their masterpieces into new digital formats in the form of NFTs. Based in Hong Kong, BO·AX aims to tap into the vibrant international art market where East meets West.

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