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Dai Wenhua and Her Road of Faith

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Coming from Beijing China, the founder curator of Huacai Art Museum, as well as the curator and exhibitor of the collateral event "Road of Faith" of Biennale Arte 2022, Dai Wenhua aims to promote the traditional Chinese literary works with the combination of modern technology so as to bring out the philosophical artistry.

In "Road of Faith", with the cooperation of the chief academic advisor Mr. Marino Folin, the audience is invited to enter the 400 square-meter Italian Zen Palace with 600 years of history so as to immerse an artistic spirit world interacting with reality and virtuality.

With the separation of two characters(belief and thought) in Chinese for Faith, it has symbolized Dai Wenhua's soul and longing for freedom rooted. She also utilizes music thinking mode in order to architect her own peculiar understanding and communication methods. She integrates personal life experience as her creation source into the art expression, too.

Dai Wenhua is one of the NFT artists of BOAX Metaverse. Her "Cang Hai Yi Sheng Shao"("A Laughter in the Sea") has joined our BOAX Metaverse virtual gallery event on 8 March 2022 to celebrate the International Women's Day.

"Cang Hai Yi Sheng Shao"("A Laughter in the Sea") illustrated Wenhua’s thoughts toward Hong Kong under the pandemic situation. In her eyes, the pandemic is just like waves, fluttering into our daily life. With the use of Chinese traditional paint, the achromatic color shows the free and uninhibited waves that indicate their vitality. Wenhua thinks that human beings are very vulnerable when facing nature, and we can never choose our fate. We should not preserve impermanence and ever. Instead, what we can do is stay free and enjoy the moment.

By using different sizes of brushes made from pure wool, and mixing traditional Chinese paint “Sanqing” and “Sanlv”(blue and green) with the ink of different level shades, Wenhua randomly splash the color to show the free shapes of the waves,

Taking the song A Laughter in the Sea which is from the Legendary Swordsman as the name of the drawing, Wenhua hopes to remind Hong Kong people to stay positive when facing difficulties.

BOAX is honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with Wenhua on exciting NFT projects!

Contact us at if you're interested in Wenhua's NFT artworks.

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