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Take a Walk through the IZBLU LABS

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

While scrolling our website, you may come across a section - IZBLU Labs. You might wonder, what is this lab? Today, BOAX is excited to walk you through the IZBLU Labs.

IZBLU Labs is a creative hub of digital arts built on blockchain technology. Aiming to bridge traditional Chinese Culture with advanced blockchain technology, IZBLU is able to stand out from the other digital collectibles that try to replace the traditional art market as an innovative digital media production house.

Clicking into IZBLU Labs, you will see the cover page of the website with a pink bull.

By Clicking "About IZBLU Labs", you will see some more detailed descriptions of the objectives of IZBLU Labs.

For example, you can take a look at the production aim of IZBLU Labs below:

By clicking "Project", you can take a look at the projects that are managed by IZBLU Labs.

For example, IZBLU Labs has been producing the IZBLU Bulls NFT by Dr.Lam and Mr. Ian to celebrate the Chinese year of the Ox, which the designs represent good luck and also alignment with the recurrent theme of Chinese philosophy.

IZBLU Labs has also produced the Chinese Opera Style Face-off x AI, by combining traditional Chinese opera elements with deep learning technologies, so as to allow virtual models in a series to apply with the facial makeups of Chinese opera.

By scrolling down, you can also check out the partnership network of IZBLU Labs too.

Most of the NFT produced in IZBLU Labs can be purchased from BOAX NFT Marketplace. If you are interested in any NFT collections, feel free to click "BOAX NFT Marketplace" for further purchase.

On the website of BOAX, Izblu Labs is one of the artists. Click the "artist" button when you visit

You will then see the profile of Izblue Labs.

Clicking into the profile, you will see the NFT collections that are on sale.

Click in to your desired NFT and click "buy" for purchasing, and you are all done!

Come and visit us on now to look up for your personal NFT now!

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