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The Much-Anticipated Collectibles By KeenAble

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Being the designated NFT Marketplace for KeenAble Creation, BOAX proudly supported its debut in Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2022.

Showcasing the original contemporary artworks from renowned local and international galleries, Affordable Art Fair had so much for the public to explore. It is arguably Hong Kong's most intriguing art fair in which people can enjoy the excitement of learning arts.

The collection consists of the following artworks:

Mountain Life in the Fall (by Ko Nam)

Afternoon Tea (by Ko Nam)

Faces of Life (by Liu Tung Mui)

Lift Up the Head and See the World (by Liu Tung Mui)

I See (by Maxim Tang)

Secret Garden (by Esther Chow)

Flower 17 (by Esther Chow)

Mountain Life in the Fall

Ko Nam has an extraordinary painting style, in which Chinese ink brush painting and impressionism mingled well. The landscapes that he drew have a typical trait- a plethora of colourful dots with delicate strokes while he usually illustrate women as gleeful and hustle-free. His works have been highly recognised in the world. Ko Nam made this painting in early autumn when most of the trees in the mountains turned to golden yellow, which strongly echoes the straw bales lying in the fields after the autumn harvest. He drew the scattered farmhouses, where chickens and ducks are gazing for food in the spacious area, together with children playing elatedly and adults chatting at home, which stimulates a harmonious atmosphere. Hence, this artwork is filled with the yearning for mountain life.

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea impeccably shows the distinctive drawing style of Ko Nam. He inherited traditional Chinese style in painting mountains and absorbed Western form of painting, relief sculptures and embroidery at the same time. Featuring a wide range of objects, including majestic landscapes, lotus flowers, street scenes, pretty ladies, the painting shows a unique artistic style of optimism and delicacy. In order to make a breakthrough, Ko held a brush dipped in coloured ink, on a traditional rice paper and painted in Western oil painting, which is an unprecedented method. Hence, Eastern and Western drawing style are nicely blended in this artwork.

Faces of Life

When Tung Mui was small, she enjoyed drawing with pencil randomly as influenced by her elder sister. Although she struggled with controlling the path of fine brush, she never stop drawing. By practicing calligraphy and sketching arduously, she managed to make finer brushstrokes now. At this stage, she was learning Picasso's style. "Variety of Life" 1-4 (2000) is a collection of four paintings that combine black and rough lines and are inspired by Picasso's works. “Faces of Life” is one of the four original works of “Lifestyles”.

Lift Up the Head and See the World

Inspired by Cubist period Picasso, Tung Mui altered her painting techniques from hazy colours to more contrasting solid colours. Her paintings became bold and tenacious. Despite relying on a wheelchair, she socializes with others a lot and travels around the world. She meets people from all walks of life in different countries. This painting sends the message- whenever people "Lift Up the Head And See the World", they always have a positive and friendly smile.

I See

Being a professional graphic designer and illustrator, Maxim is dedicated to promote local art. She is an accomplished artist who won a lot of awards. She is currently the honorary president of the Hong Kong Children's Book Illustrators Association and the creative director of the Hong Kong Children's Literature and Art Association. This oil painting not only consist of black and white, but also grey. More intriguingly, we can see different worlds and produce diverse feelings when looking from four different angles.

Secret Garden

Esther Chow is an artist and educator born in Hong Kong in the 1980s. Secret Garden is a re-painting of a miniature sketch painting which depicts the garden scene on Petřín Hill in Prague. Upon passing the arched gate, she felt like being surrounded by many gigantic trees. The garden has a subtle but romantic design. Sitting on a ornate wooden bench, Chow admired the picturesque view and soaked up the peaceful and joyful ambience. The original painting gave her strength during her difficult times, so she hopes the audience can feel the peace brought by the artwork as well.

Flower 17

"Flower Language 17 - Peony on Chintz" is from the "Language of Flowers" series. The paintings are created with varying degrees of abstraction, from realistic interpretations of peonies to lyrical graffiti of lotus flowers. All the works are laid out and painted by observing the changes of flowers from blooming to withering. The juxtaposition of the blooming flower with its decorative derivatives symbolises the relationship between perception and expression and in turn represents our linkage with nature.

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