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Let's Get to Know Master Chow Fat Yuen

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Master Chow Fat Yuen is the new age metaphysician, and is proficient at I-Chingand Numerology. He has over ten years experience of Feng Shui Layout and Life Batching throughout his career. He worked at the research department at an US-funded company at his early age, and he has an advanced acknowledgement towards astrology, as well as understanding the trend of luck. He seeks good luck and avoids evil based on personalities, marriage, fortune, luck at work as well as health. Master Chow’s clients are spreaded among different industries: Chinese-funded Banks, senior lawyers, Korean Beauty Brands etc.

Master Chow Fat Yuen has launched his NFT product on BOAX, including “Master Chow Luck Blessing 196 Days NFT Gold Edition” and “Master Chow 2022 Money Drawing Crystal JinChan”. Both can bring you a better prospect and health in your life. Please visit and press ‘Artists’ to look up on Master Chow’s featuring NGT if you are interested.

In February, Master Chow collaborates with BOAX’s Virtual KOL Moira to explain the luck of the twelve Chinese Zodiac during the year of Tiger. Not only talking about the luck, but he also gave suggestions on how to achieve a better luck through prayings and Feng Shui layout.

Moira is a virtual gal representing as the KOL of BOAX. On BOAX Marketplace, you can also find her NFTs: Virtual Gal Moira #001 and #002.

You may take a look at the videos on Youtube:

Come visit now and take a look at Master Chow’s Feng Shui NFTs!

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