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Olympic Happiness

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

This Olympic themed NFT was purchased by Prince Nari of the Kingdom of Cambodia on 08/08/21 as it inspired him during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Dr Lam’s intention was to spread happiness through art during the pandemic Olympic games.

“The Olympic games are more than just competitions in sports. This artwork symbolizes Peace for the World and Happiness for all people, which is much needed during the hard times of the pandemic.” - Dr Lam.

The day after the auction ended, Prince Nari, Dominic Lam and Ian Wen (BOAX founder) had a zoom interview session, in which Prince Nari expressed his passion towards the Olympics and his views on digital assets. Watch the IGTV interview clip on

During the interview, Ian Wen discusses the future plans for BOAX. He mentions the unique qualities of the marketplace and future plans: “We are excited about the performance of BOAX during its soft-launch period. The Olympic Happiness NFT is a great start. Currently, we have Dr Lam’s ‘Enchanted Time & Space’ collection on auction. Soon we will release the other series that I collaborated with Dr Lam with a theme of Chinese Philosophy, as well as our own series of iconic NFT figures. Being one of the first NFT marketplaces based in Asia, Chinese culture is the most important feature that will be reflected in our NFTs. I believe BOAX’s uniqueness and the fact that we are part of the ecosystem of Bank of Asia, an offshore bank headquartered in the British Virgin Islands, will position us as a strong player in the digital asset space.” Mr Wen also mentions the upcoming BOAX 2.0 platform update.


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