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A tour to BOAX's Virtual Gallery

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

The BOAX Metaverse is a premium marketplace for the auction and sale of Non-fungible Tokens(NFTs). By collaborating with various artists, we provide unique NFTs and an exciting user experience!

By accessing the address of the VIP Room, you will be directed to the front page of the room as below. Click "Join Room".

You may setup your avatar by changing the display name and avatar. After that, click "Accept"

Afterwards, setup your microphone. You will be able to listen to audios and speak up after entering our virtual gallery. Afterwards, click "Enter Room".

This is what you will see when you have entered the room. If you are using a laptop or a computer, the arrow keys will help you to adjust your view; if you are using your tablets or smartphones, you may adjust your view with simple swipes.

Inside the gallery, you can see a lot of NFT artworks that are listed on BOAX Marketplace too, including our RMBits series for the celebration of Women's Day, as well as the Original IZBLU Bulls X Nine Palace 牛氣沖天.

If you are interested in purchasing these NFTs, you may click "open link" , and you will be directed to BOAX Marketplace directly.

one of our RMBits collection - Lin Daiyu

Original IZBLU Bulls X Nine Palace 牛氣沖天.

We have also listed some of our sold NFTs in the gallery, for example, the Olympic Happiness NFT created by Dr. Ian Wen and Dr. Dominic Man-Kit Lam, symbolizing the wish of “Peace for the World and Happiness for all People”, which was sold to HRH Prince Narithipong Norodom of the Kingdom of Cambodia in 2021.

Looking at the left side of the gallery, you will see two drawings with blue and black coloured. These are the drawings from artist Mrs Dai Wenhua. The drawing A Laughter in the Sea illustrated Mrs Dai’s thoughts towards Hong Kong under the pandemic situation in which she hopes to remind Hong Kong people to stay positive when facing difficulties.

At the end of the gallery, you will also see the BOAX Flag and the Zart Flag with the first collaboration piece between Zart Family office services (Zart) and BOAX, the ZHANG Da Qian lady NFT.

You are always welcome to walk around our virtual gallery to search for your desired NFT. Come and visit for more information!


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