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Phoenix TV is featuring BOAX !

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Mr. Ian Wen, the founder and CEO of BOAX, is interviewed by Phoenix TV regarding how BOAX partners with Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association (HKFDA) and helped them build a metaverse, supporting its Juxtaposed 2022 Fashion Meta Event.

Mr. Ian Wen was interviewed by Phoenix TV

In the Juxtaposed 2022 metaverse, we have created a virtual gallery by using AR technology and visualization of 3D models to let visitors enable to experience the event realistically online. Besides the virtual gallery, we have also turned 12 Hong Kong Fashion designers' artworks into 12 unique NFT artworks to support the event.

Juxtaposed 2022 virtual gallery

In the interview, Mr. Ian Wen mentioned 'Virtualizing fashion design, Digitalise, and using the characteristics of NFT can not only expand the dissemination of artworks but also protect artists' copyright. "Digital Fashion" will be the next big thing in NFTs, and people will be able to use them in AR, VR or the metaverse. You can do many things with digital that you can't do with real-life clothing, like make materials glow or resist gravity. And in the virtual world, the maintenance cost of digital fashion is meager.'

Click the photos below to explore more :

The interview with Mountain Yam, one of BOAX fashion NFT artists in Juxtaposed 2022, mentioned that their design ideas have appeared to be stolen by others and sold for a much lower price in the fashion industry. However, the development of fashion NFT will be a big step forward in improving copyright protection for designers.

The mutual achievement of both NFT and the fashion industry will bring a vast future advantage to society - designers, customers and brands. The NFT digital form gives fashion artists a broader space to design fashion art effects that are difficult to achieve in real life. Visitors can explore more new fashion experiences like Juxtaposed 2022 with the help of the NFT technique. Those combinations will bring a new direction to the fashion industry!

The First batch of 12 Hong Kong Fashion designers' NFT artworks is Available on our BOAX NFT Marketplace. There are 7 of the 12 NFT artworks that even come with the actual physical garments!

You can also visit our blog about Juxtaposed 2022 ( ) or BOAX X HKFDA website directly ( ).

If you would like to find out more, click the links to watch the whole video of Mr. Ian Wen on Phoenix TV!


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