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boax nft Showcase @ EPiC 2021 investment conference in Hong kong

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

On Nov 12, BOAX NFT Marketplace brought its NFT showcase to EPiC 2021 Investment Conference at Tai Kwun, Hong Kong.

Mr. Ian Wen, founder & chairman of BOAX talk about BOAX NFT Marketplace, a new premium NFT marketplace which empowers users to trade rare digital assets online soft-launched in July 2021. Empowered by its banking partner Bank of Asia and related ecosystem, BOAX is uniquely positioned as a strong player in the digital asset space. It serves to facilitate the most influential speakers in this circle and beyond to unite and make positive social impact through the sharing of art in the digital form, connecting the younger, tech-savvy generation to the masterminds and their masterpieces.

Mr. Ian Wen introduced "Olympic Happiness" NFT during the NFT Showcase & Valuation Guess part.

This art work originally created by Dr. Dominic Man-Kit Lam who is one of the most well-known international artists based in Hong Kong. And it is one of the very first Olympic themed NFT artworks in the world. The theme of the Olympic Happiness NFT is From People to Peace to People, symbolised by the transition from the human element in the NFT to the peace dove, and back to the human element.

Chinese culture is an important theme in BOAX NFT projects. Recently, BOAX launched their latest NFT collection RMBits ( This is the first Chinese Meebits style NFTs in the world inspired by the most famous classic Chinese characters in ancient Chinese literature and Chinese mythology. And one of the RMBits NFTs would be given out as the prize to whomever had the closest guess and gave the quickest answer.

HKSTP’s Elevator Pitch Competition 2021 opens new investment and partnership opportunities for global startups.


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