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life 2011

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Life 2011 is the final series from the “Enchanted Time and Space” collection consisting of 6 NFTs representing the life of a lotus. Dominic demonstrates the lifecycle of the lotus in this series, which parallels the journey of the universe.

Dr Lam draws his viewers to investigate the interrelationship between the macro and micro worlds. This theme, which is deeply rooted in contemporary art, is examined by Lam using his nanoart (Chromoskedasic Painting).

By using abstract colours and shapes, Lam allows his audience to experience the boundless nature of the universe. This allows them to question the painting’s depiction of the macro or micro-universe, inviting them to explore its mysterious nature. Lam also implements bold yet loose brush strokes, which converge to the centre of the series of paintings, to express the Big Bang.

He views it as the birth of life and light in the dark universe. Lam interweaves skilful art techniques and an enduring theme into his artistic interpretation of the beginning of the universe.

The auction for this series ends at 23:59, on 31/08/21.

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