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Shaping the Web3 World: A Corporate’s Guide to the Metaverse Solutions

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Metaverse is the hottest current megatrend. As corporates move to the metaverse—they invariably ask questions such as: How will the metaverse change their business? How can they get ahead of the market and leverage the new technology to their advantage? We will try to answer them in turn below. Before that, here’s a quick introduction of what we do.

VIP Meta-Art-Gallery

BOAX is an award-winning metaverse company backed by a digital assets friendly bank and its ecosystem, providing end-to-end Metaverse and Art-Tech solutions to corporate clients and NFT collectors.

Yazhou Zhoukan X BOAX

A quick recap of what BOAX achieved in the past few months. In June 2022, BOAX successfully built a fashion Metaverse for the Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association, supporting its Juxtaposed 2022 Fashion Meta Event sponsored by Create Hong Kong. In the second quarter 2022, BOAX teamed up with Yazhou Zhoukan, a Chinese-language international affairs newsweekly, introducing the new Great Powers: Witnesses to the Miracle of China's High-Speed Railway Spring Festival Transportation NFT series and built the newsweekly’s very own first Metaverse. In March 2022, BOAX held a Metaverse event in its own VIP Meta-Art-Gallery on the International Women's Day 2022, to express BOAX‘s appreciation to women’s efforts in the NFT world: their ideas, innovations and activism are changing our world for the better. BOAX also created LAMIAN Metaverse featuring all of the aforementioned collaborations between Dr. Dominic Lam and Mr. Ian Wen in NFT form. During the Chinese New Year 2022, BOAX launched first-of-its-kind I-Ching Metaverse - Mr. Ian Wen, the founder of BOAX, who is passionate about Chinese metaphysics and Fengshui considers NFT as a bridge to introducing to the public the I-Ching Metaverse governed by the oriental wisdom of co-creation, sharing and collective well-being.


From BOAX’s experiences, Metaverse solutions can be developed and applied to companies with little digital experience. Small and medium-sized firms can engage in the Metaverse economy without incurring significant capital costs while enjoy the benefits of Metaverse as a service.

BOAX uses cutting-edge technologies and tools, including blockchain technology, 3D reconstruction, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI), to create an immersive metaverse for clients. BOAX believes that metaverse is an ever-existing, online, three-dimensional world made of multiple virtual spaces where day-to-day activities can be carried out online, making remote meetings, working, and entertainment more vivid.

LAMIAN Metaverse: Dominic X Ian

Besides its Metaverse Creation service, BOAX also provides NFT Launchpad service and innovative digital media production house service. BOAX established the world’s first NFT Marketplace supported by an offshore digital-friendly banking ecosystem. BOAX Marketplace focuses on collaboration with Master Artists and influential celebrities with stories to transform their masterpieces into NFTs, and in the process breathing new life and perspective into the original pieces. With the help of BOAX NFT launchpad, creators can raise funds to build, launch projects, or scale the marketing of their projects. BOAX NFT Launchpad also connect NFT projects to the right target audience. IZBLU Labs is an innovative digital media production house under BOAX which bridges traditional Chinese culture with advanced blockchain technology. Through BOAX’s extensive ecosystem, IZBLU Labs revitalizes and modernizes high-end masterpieces in the form of NFTs.

Yazhou Zhoukan X BOAX

On June 25, 2022, BOAX and Genesis Metaverse Media Group signed a Joint Venture Agreement to establish a new company to explore Metaverse-Related businesses. The new company aims to leverage BOAX's NFT technologies and experience in bringing big corporates to the metaverse, its bank backed NFT service platform, and strong connections in European and ASEAN digital assets space, with Genesis's expertise in the development and creation of animated content, entertainment technologies and media resources, to realize a new generation of Metaverse that is closely aligned with digital assets consumers and the evolving metaverse applications.

Local bank client X BOAX

BOAX aims to create unique digital artworks and NFTs, showcase its Web3 style Metaverse, and Empowers Blockchain Aesthetics and Metaverse Innovation.

If you want to explore more about BOAX and its metaverse services, click the link below:


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